My name is Lightning, but everyone can call me Light.
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Thank you!

Here’s a little something for Scenic Spatter!
Cute plushy art for someone who makes cute plushies!
Check them out at the link~

Here’s a little something for Scenic Spatter!

Cute plushy art for someone who makes cute plushies!

Check them out at the link~


Yes, Lightning is the smoothest stallion of them all.

Thanks a lot for the awesome art! I love it. :3

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I’ll try and draw something soon! ^^

I’ve just been really busy, and my injury makes it a bit hard to hold a pencil lately, haha.

I dunno, I have a lot of ideas for stuff I could draw, but at the same time I’m unsure of what I CAN draw!

  • Scorpdk’s and Whatsapokemon’s human/anthro pieces make me want to draw my own, and finally expand on my abilities.
  • Ask-TheSirens and Chiffon Chemise inspire me to improve the quality of my sketches and to try out new style’s.
  • Scenic Spatter and Casynuf brought back my love for crafts and physical art. Actually making something with your own hands can be really satisfying. ^^
  • Inkie Heart and Aero inspire me to dwell on the cute and occasionally kinky side of things. Also, that sometimes a cutely sketched drawing can be better than any fully colored one!

I guess this is now more of a shout-out now than anything else, but I feel like I owe a lot to these people, even if indirectly. They give me ideas and goals to aim for with each passing day.

Yes, I want to be better than them. It’s the urge to improve that forces me to keep on drawing and drawing, constantly trying to find new ways to fix past mistakes and eventually stop from making them.

But above all else I want to grow as an artist, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on all the blogs I follow so I can accompany their growth! I’ve been on Tumblr for nearly 3 years now, so I’ve seen some of you transition from awkward sketches to full on prints. It’s absolutely stunning!

Seeing you peeps improve your art urges us to do the same, so keep on doing what you love and fill the world with glorious art!

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Feel free to leave a request / idea on my inbox. I’ll probably read through them at some point when I feel like doodling. :3

NO anon messages though… If you want to remain anonymous just let me know and I won’t say who gave me the inspiration for the art. XD

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Click HERE for the NSFW.

Click HERE for the NSFW.

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Have some crayon Glitter Shell! ^^

Have some crayon Glitter Shell! ^^

What kind of art would you be drawing, so to say? owo Like, taking requests possibly? Or just wanting ideas?


Well, basically I’m looking for ideas. Like ponies people want to see drawn, particular situations involving said ponies, etc.

I’m not promising that I’ll draw them all, or in fact, any of them. I just need some help to get the gears in my head working so my art mood will return. X3

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I need ideas for artz!


I have no commissions whatsoever and my mind is blank…

Please comment with a few ideas!?

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Okay, maybe not pony prison.


I guess I’m going to pony prison, since I’m all out of bits…

(( Come on people, I can’t be the only one asking questions over there! Invade the blog, throw bricks at the windows! Just make sure to leave an ask attached when you do that… Vandalism, you know?

Oh yeah, the blog is a bit NSFW at times. ^^ ))