My name is Lightning, but everyone can call me Light.
This is the "Ask blog" for my OC, and also where I post all of my art and doodles.
Random reblogs and NSFW art, go on my Modblog.
Feel free to ask me anything you'd like, I'll do my best to be helpful. But if you want to speak to the Mod directly, please use my Modblog. ^^

Mod Blog (My NSFW Art / Random Posts)

Thank you!


Feel free to leave a request / idea on my inbox. I’ll probably read through them at some point when I feel like doodling. :3

NO anon messages though… If you want to remain anonymous just let me know and I won’t say who gave me the inspiration for the art. XD

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Click HERE for the NSFW.

Click HERE for the NSFW.

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Have some crayon Glitter Shell! ^^

Have some crayon Glitter Shell! ^^

What kind of art would you be drawing, so to say? owo Like, taking requests possibly? Or just wanting ideas?


Well, basically I’m looking for ideas. Like ponies people want to see drawn, particular situations involving said ponies, etc.

I’m not promising that I’ll draw them all, or in fact, any of them. I just need some help to get the gears in my head working so my art mood will return. X3

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I need ideas for artz!


I have no commissions whatsoever and my mind is blank…

Please comment with a few ideas!?

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Okay, maybe not pony prison.


I guess I’m going to pony prison, since I’m all out of bits…

(( Come on people, I can’t be the only one asking questions over there! Invade the blog, throw bricks at the windows! Just make sure to leave an ask attached when you do that… Vandalism, you know?

Oh yeah, the blog is a bit NSFW at times. ^^ ))

lol ur fat!


Nuhuu! I’m just big boned! XD

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Come on, I’m not that heavy! XD

For NSFW click HERE
I think this is one of my best ones yet. <///<

For NSFW click HERE

I think this is one of my best ones yet. <///<

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